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Royal Tumble and Cheer

GQ RTC program is made for cheerleader of all abilities.  RTC offers cheer and tumbling class, as well as competitive cheer and dance (Novice, Prep and Elite).

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Students work on front/backward rolls, cartwheels, round offs,  front/back walkovers, handstands and more.  This is a beginning level class and no experience is required.

Students work on  front/back walkovers, handstands blocks, front/back handsprings, round off back handsprings and more. 

Requirements: Back walkover, Round off, Front limber

Students work on  handstands blocks, front/back handsprings, round off multi back handsprings, connected standing back handspring and start of front/back tuck, ariel and more. 

Requirements Standing back handspring, front walkover and Round off rebound


Students work on Round off back handspring tuck/layouts, standing back tucks, start of twisting skills, front tuck/lay, front handspring tucks and more. 

Requirements: Standing and running  back handspring +, front handspring, RO BHS Tuck on Tumble Trak

Full and More

Students work on Round off back handspring full +, standing back tucks and fulls, whips, arabinans, front tuck/lay, front handspring tucks/Lays and more. 

Requirements: RO BHS Layout, Front Tuck, 

MI/HI Classes

This class is designed for athletes in Middle School and High School with little or not tumbling experience.  

Beginner Requirements: NONE

Intermediate/Advanced Requirements: BHS and RO BHS 

Flex Class

This class is designed for athletes that need to work on their flexibility for jumps, dance or flying.   

Tricks and Turns

Learn how to improve your leaps and turns.  This class is designed to help with flexibility and strength to improve your dance skills.


Learn the basics of Poms.  In this class you will learn all about poms.  This is a great class to get a head start for high school pom teams.


Contact: Toni Nissley at

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