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Girls Gymnastics

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The girls gymnastics program includes classes on vault, bars, beam, and floor for students ages 1st grade and up.

Girls 1 This class is for the beginner gymnast (entering 1st grade & up) who is interested in learning the basics. Development of strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance are taught using a formal gymnastics curriculum. All women’s Olympic Apparatus (vault, bars, beam and floor) will be used along with trampolines, and correct warm-up, stretching and body positions are introduced and used throughout the program.

Girls 2 This is the next step after completing our Girls 1 program. Students must have coach approval to register for this class. In this class the gymnast will continue to develop strength, flexibility, coordination and balance while learning more advanced skills. Vault, bars, beam and floor will continue to be utilized as well as trampolines and tumble trak. Students will typically have an average of 1 year formal training before being eligible for this class.

Girls 3 Girls 3 gymnasts will most likely have 2-3 years experience in gymnastics and have a good foundation of gymnastics skills. Coach approval is required to register for this class. Gymnasts will attend class two hours a week in order to increase their time spent on each event, body awareness, strength, and flexibility. This class is a "Pre-Team" level and is a great stepping stone to our RECREATIONAL COMPETITIVE TEAM (AAU).

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