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Ms. Amanda


My Story

Ms. Amanda is a momma of 3 and mimi of 1 adorable little boy.  Working at a trucking company as a dispatcher for 11 years, she is excited to get back into teaching dance after a 5 year break to be a wrestling/football mom. Amanda started dancing at the age of 6 taking tap, jazz, and tumbling at Major School of Dance.  After a few years she added on ballet and when able, pointe.  Tap being Ms. Amanda’s favorite form, she got the opportunity to start teaching at the age of 17 and continued teaching for the next 18 years until her daughter was a junior in high school; then she hung up her dance teacher shoes to sit back and enjoy being a dance and sports mom instead.Ms. Amanda competed in dance competitions and took convention classes at Dance Olympus for many years, learning from amazing choreographers such as Stephen Boyd, Jon Finck, Sarah Jo Fazio, Angie Sellers, and Brian Santorato to name a few.  She also danced in the Orange Bowl halftime show  in Miami, FL in 2013  where she also took classes from Travis Wall, Cris Judd, Stacey Tookey, Jamal Sims, and Randi Lynn Strong.  She also was on the pom squad all 4 years of high school and served as captain her senior year. This is Ms. Amanda’s 1st year teaching at DanceQuest, and she’s excited to get back into the studio doing what she loves!

Tap Shoes
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